This is our Hofman Geoliner 580 prism using two camera pods and front wheel targets, to create a 3d image.

We also use up to date OEM data on vehicles from past 25 years.

We measure ride height and obtain proper alignment specs for those cars that need it.


This accurate system will set your vehicle as driven ( steering set straight ) and we can check and adjust each road wheel separately ( where posible ) to the correct settings. At the end of the alignment we can give you a before and after read out of your vehicle alignment.


You should get your alignmnet checked if your vehicle has caught a kerb, hitting large pot holes or you my have noticed it’s not steering correctly and the steering wheel is miss-aligned. When changing a steering or suspension components.


Prices start from £25.00 + vat  to check alignment and adjust front toe, and then what ever time it takes to do any other adjustments.